Triggering Article 16 Comedy

This episode we cross borders and cross promo. Joining me from another country but also about a 100 kms up the road is Northern Ireland based comedian and podcaster Nathan Smyth.

As a world traveller from Ireland I am often asked “What is the story with Northern Ireland?”, I was always terrified to tell people the honest truth, “I haven’t a clue!”

In this special episode, I interview Nathan and then get the shock of my life when Nathan interviews me. We discuss and clear up a lot of confusion on this small isle, will there be a future Unified Ireland following Brexit, again I haven’t a clue, but at least we know there will be comedy and I will be trolling for gigs on both sides of the border.

Nathan’s podcast is Talking Smit and can be found over on Spotify, go give him 5 stars, and sure while yer there throw us a few while yer at it!

Dave Keeshan
Nathan Smyth