Open Mic Comedy

This episode we are joined by London based stand-up comedy MC and room runner  Alfie Noakes.\r\n\r\nWe discuss what is an Open Mic in the comedy world, from the beginners starting out to the training ground of the big comics.  Why it is a controversial, but also a very important space.  Both Alfie and Dave have spent many years plugging their trade around the open mic scene and bring some fascinating insight into that world, every lesson learnt the hard way, a room full of people staring back blankly when what was supposed to be funny, wasn\’t!\r\n\r\nAlfie also runs the We Are Funny Project, which provides comprehensive online courses and 1-to-1 coaching sessions for stand-up comedians at all levels of experience.\r\n\r\nAnd content can also be found on their YouTube channel.\r\n\r\nAlfie has just released a teaser of his new course \”How to be a Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC\” on his channel, until May 4th. It will be available again later in the year with the course for aspiring or new comedians with a £60 discount for the bundle.\r\n\r\nAlfie has also promised to release a long lost Bill Hicks interview when the channel reaches 1000 subscribers, lets get subscribing.

New York Comedy Scene

In this episode we welcome to the show New York based stand-up Shaun Eli.\r\n\r\nShaun tells us about the New York stand up scene both pre and post covid.  He also discusses writing for Jay Leno opening monologues back in the 90s, perfoming in 5 continents (not 7, yet), the ripeness Netflix specials, auditioning for the first Last Comics Standing, Woke/Cancel Culture and his views on the Simpsons recasting.\r\n\r\nWe also consult with Shaun on his Irish sounding name, at least it is not Declan and you can find him on his website,

Medieval Comedy and Bakhtin’s Carnival Theory

This episode we go old school, literally. We are joined by comic Mabel Slattery to discuss medieval comedy and Mikhail Bakhtin and his Carnival Theory, we get into some interesting ideas like Humour Theory, Robin Hood, Sumptuary Laws, Secular Lyrics of the XIVth and XVth Centuries, Richard Hill Commonplace Book, Chaucer\’s Knight Tale and just having a bit of craic!

Russian Protests

After a hiatus WE\’RE BACK!\r\n\r\nIn this episode we are delighted to welcome back to the show Russian comic, Denis Nikolin.\r\n\r\nWith pandemic lockdowns and worldwide vaccination drives, it is even crazier in Russia, where there are protest and people being detained over the handling of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.\r\n\r\nDenis discusses how it is getting harder to write comedy when the world decides it wants to get crazier than the punchlines he\’s writing.\r\n\r\nDenis is also working on some comedy videos released online, you can find him at \”Buttfuck Russia\”, careful googling that, I wasn\’t!

Icelandic Comedy

On this episode we got two Icelandic comedians, Eyvindur Karlsson and Þórhallur Þórhallsson, also just known as Thor as Dave was too confused by the first one. The guys come on an explain how a country as small of Iceland can have a volcano that no one else on the planet can pronounce.  They also discuss the state of comedy in Iceland and explain to Dave what a Belly Brother in Law is …

Discussing Richard Pryor

On this podcast we welcome American native, but Cork resident Dakota Mick.  In taking a break from discussing cancel culture Mick discusses one of the most formative comedians of his life, Richard Pryor.\r\n\r\nDiscussed are the man himself, black culture on humor in the United States and are there any gigs running in Ireland at all at the moment.  Dave tries as usual to wrangler a gig some where, with the same hilarious results.